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Home Places to Visit Places to Visit Alcafache Thermal Spa
Alcafache Thermal Spa

TermasThe Alcafache Thermal Spa stays near to Dão River. The place is relaxing and surrounding by the nature typical from this region.

Working from 1962 This Thermal Spa is growing up offering always a best quality and a huge comfort for all the kind of guests.
The treatments are very good and the prices are accessible.Far from the pollution and stress of the cities in a 100% natural place this Alcafache its the Thermal jewellery of Viseu.

But Alcafache Spa has to entertainment from typical groups to jazz, pop...
The Alcafahe Thermal Spa stays at 8 Km from the Beautifully City of Viseu.
The roads are very good, IP5 road or IP3 this are the fastest accesses.


- Onix Hotel (at 6 Km from Thermal Spa)
- Rubi Residencial (at 6 Km from Thermal Spa)

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